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SAIDINA EXCEL SERVICES SDN BHD (Saidina Group) was established in 2005 (formerly known as Saidina Excel Service) initially was a canopy rental service provider for wedding occasions and other small events to the community around Batang Kali area in Selangor. At beginning, in 2008, the Company has grown to provide canopy rental and transport services over the district of Hulu Selangor. In 2010, by using a branding name of Saidina Excel Canopy, the company set up a Marketing Department to widen their business activities in supplying of all types of canopy and accessories to all canopy rental operators throughout Malaysia, as well as providing a canopy rental, catering and transportation services to the local residents. The Company continued to grow rapidly and more active in providing professional services.

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017-3160970 Sue
017-3577850 Nurul Suhara
011-23692001 Rahmah (English/BM)
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